CWIZZes 2018

The CWIZZes West and South 2018

How quickly traditions can be established and grow. This April over 60 teams took part in the two, now annual, CWISL book quizzes – and what hard won, cliff hanger competitions they turned out to be. Both quizzes ended with sudden death tiebreakers. Oh the excitement and suspense!

CWISL authors were out in force, to mark and run and read extracts from their books between the rounds. There were spot prizes and a raffle. Mo O’Hara as mistress of ceremonies kept everything moving and under control.

Big Green Book Shop sold books, which were quickly snapped up for author signing!



CWIZZ West 25th April 2018

The CWIZZ was held at Godolphin and Latymer School with the fantastic support of school librarians, Mary Fei and Edward Benton, who hosted the CWIZZ for the second year running.

CWIZZ West could not have been closer. At the end of the six rounds it was a dead heat between Latymer Upper and Kingston Grammar. The winning of the quiz would be decided by a single question. Latymer Upper was triumphant! Commiserations Kingston Grammar!

We were delighted that Fulham Prep – all year 6 – not only won the year 6 top team awards, but also came overall third in the whole competition.

The winning teams at CWIZZ West!

CWIZZ South 27th April 2018

Tony Jones, librarian at Emanuel School has been a champion supporter of our quizzes and yet again invited CWISL back to Emanuel School for CWIZZ South.

Forty teams from year 6-8 took part. You could feel the buzz growing all afternoon. The quiz ended with a three-way tie for 2nd and 3rd place – two tiebreak questions were needed.

First place went to Colfe’s School, second to Dulwich College, who just pushed out Emanuel. A year 6 Newton Prep team just missed out on a place in the tiebreak, but then quickly worked out that they were the winners of the top year 6 place, so it was winners all round.

Winners at CWIZZ South

Everyone agreed the afternoon quizzes had been a huge success and were already looking forward to next year!

Special thanks to Mary Fei and Edward Benton from Godolphin and Latymer School and to Tony Jones at Emanuel for all their hard work in hosting the quizzes.

Also to all the teachers and librarians who brought children to the quiz and to the Big Green Book Shop for selling our books.

Finally thanks to CWISL authors, Jo Franklin, Sara Grant and Margaret Bateson-Hill who organised invoices, questions, PowerPoints and certificates and to CWISL authors, Mo O’Hara, our MC, Sarah Mussi, Cate Sampson, Patricia Elliott, Sophia Bennett. Loretta Schauer, Karen Owen and Ross Montgomery for their marking, collecting answer papers, signing books and offering prizes

The CWISL CWIZZes are fundraisers and all money goes towards the CWISL writing festivals, ShoutSouth! and ShoutWest!

Margaret Bateson-Hill is the vice-chair of CWISL and as well as being an author she tells stories in schools, libraries and many of our museums including the Victoria and Albert, the British Museum, the Foundling Museum and she’s one of the team of storytellers for the Horniman Museum. Find out more at 


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