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World Book Day is a celebration of books and reading. It comes around once a year – but you don’t need to wait until the next World Book Day to inspire children with a love of telling stories.

Head over to our new website at, where our authors have compiled some great free resources which can be used all year round – everything from lesson plans to class activities and creative writing.

  • One of the biggest stumbling blocks for children is getting started. As professional writers, it’s something we have to do every day so we’ve got together some tips. Learn how to write YA with authors like Cate Sampson (SPLINTERED LIGHT) and Sarah Mussi (RIOT, SIEGE and BOMB), and read some great tips for young writers by Jackie Marchant (DOUGAL DALEY) and Beverley Birch (RIFT).
  • Once children have got started, how do you inspire them to keep going? Learn how to craft historical fiction with Lydia Syson (A WORLD BETWEEN US), polish your final edit with Sara Grant (CHASING DANGER), or stop your middle from being a muddle with Patricia Elliott (CONNIE CAREW MYSTERIES).
  • Genre fiction has its own tools and rules. Learn how to construct a detective novel, or a mystery with Sara Grant, craft a sequel with Sarah Mussi, or create nail-biting horror stories with Ross Montgomery (PERIJEE & ME).
  • Stories aren’t just about words – pictures are equally as important. We’ve got great resources on our website – everything from video drawing tutorials with Bridget Marzo (THE BIG BOOK FOR LITTLE HANDS), to making pop-up monsters with Loretta Schauer (A MONSTER’S MOVED IN!)
  • Fancy some teaching resources for your classroom? We’ve got everything from reading guides to recipes, word searches to puzzles, arts and crafts and more, from the likes of Karen Owen (I COULD BE, YOU COULD BE), Chitra Sounder (PATTAN’S PUMPKIN), HL Dennis (SECRET BREAKERS), and many others.


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