Stepping into Stories Festival – February 2020

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Stepping into Stories, Herne Hill Kids’ Lit Fest


        CWISL were delighted to play a prominent role in the Stepping into Stories, Herne Hill Kids’ Lit Fest 4-9 February 2020.  Mo O’Hara & Margaret Bateson-Hill from CWISL worked alongside Lucy Reynolds (Project Manager Doodles & Scribbles), Hayley Byfield (Project Manager from SkewbaldTheatre) & Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop in organizing the festival.


              Eighteen CWISL authors and illustrators delivered workshops, including illustration, poetry, drama, and creating stories, across all the different threads of the festival. An amazing seven hundred and eight pupils and their teachers from five local schools attended the schools’ workshops, most of which were held in the community hub of Herne Hill Station Hall. We were especially delighted to include an outreach workshop with students from Michael Tippett School as well as offer fully accessible workshops at spaces at the Half Moon and Florence Pubs.

CWISL were part of the team that delivered nineteen family events across five days including after-school workshops, evening panels and of course the weekend festival, which was open to all of the community – a wonderful total of one thousand and seventy seven children & adults.


“It was so wonderful to see children, parents, teachers, librarians, so excited and appreciative of the events, authors and illustrators across all ages; that the children had the chance to hear and meet them, to buy the book, and get it signed…  and the sense of community too, with many adults making a point of saying thank you at the end.” 


 – Corinne Gotch – School (promotional) Events Manager for Tales on Moon Lane Books


A special word of thanks must go to the wonderful multitude of volunteers who came and supported all the workshops by offering helping in so many practical ways.


                  The festival was also the culmination of the Stepping into Stories Competition, which CWISL helped launch last October. There were seventy entries and special guests, Katy and Chris Riddell, presented the seventeen prizes. What a week!


Margaret Bateson-Hill and Mo O’Hara


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