At the heart of what inspires Anne-Marie Perks is the love of visual story telling in all it’s forms. She has illustrated several picture books, older fiction and non-fiction books for US and UK publishers. Her first book, The Tortoise Who Bragged by Betsy Franco, Stokes Publishing, US, is still close to her heart. Anne-Marie is the illustrator and co-author of two wordless books for Books Beyond Words Publishing, London, that came out in 2014 and 2015. The books follow a young girl’s struggle to survive a violent father in the first book,When Dad Hurts Mum, and an abusive boyfriend in A Safe Place from Domestic Abuse, (May 2015.)

Diving back into the mythical fairytale stories Anne-Marie loves most, she is currently finishing illustrations for Silkie by Sandra Horn, The Clucket Press, due out later this year. When not teaching concept art and animation at Buckinghamshire New University, she is busy catching up with illustrating her own picture book texts and a graphic novel called, Wolf Girl.

Follow her on Twitter: @annmarieperks