Bridget Marzo  

Known for her warm characters and interactive invention, Bridget Marzo (formerly Bridget Strevens Marzo)  is the artist-author of over 20 picture and novelty books, published in the US, France and more recently in the UK. Her latest UK picture book, Tiz and Ott’s Big Draw has been a springboard for her drawing events here and abroad.

From her Essex state school, she entered King’s College, Cambridge to study English, but switched to Chinese and Art History.  After graduating she moved to Paris where her mother’s Catalan family had fled the Spanish Civil War.

While in France Bridget wrote and illustrated her first picture books, copied museum paintings, translated art books and worked with bilingual children.  An illustration tutor at Parsons Paris, she also co-ran international SCBWI events across Europe.  Now Bridget is in East London, busy bridging images and words.



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