Helen Dennis is the writer of the ‘Secret Breakers’ six book series and the ‘River of Ink’ quartet, both published by Hodder Children’s Books in the UK. Her stories have been translated into seven languages. She was born in Brighton, England, and before becoming a fulltime writer, she worked for twenty years as a teacher. She enjoys keeping up to date with young readers by making school visits, where she runs code-cracking and creative writing sessions. Both series (written for readers 8+) see modern characters travelling the globe in action-packed, high stakes adventures as they try to discover secrets, codes and global conspiracies to protect the truth. ‘River of Ink: Genesis’ was chosen as a BookBuzz book by Book Trust for 2016 and is shortlisted for several regional prizes. ‘Secret Breakers: The Knights of Neustria’ (published under the name H.L. Dennis) was nominated for the Carnegie Medal.




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