CWISL’s Shout! festivals bring together local universities, schools, and libraries for a unique festival of creative writing and illustration for children. Over the course of these two-day festivals, CWISL authors and illustrators work with hundreds of children and their teachers to share new approaches to making stories.

The festivals include workshops, plenary sessions on drama and illustration, and discussion groups developed to help the children create their own stories and art. The children are encouraged to share their work and receive feedback throughout the festival which culminates in an awards ceremony.

The festivals offer additional sessions for siblings and parents of participating students to show families the value of shared storytelling.


CWISL invites ten south London schools to take part in this two-day festival held on the London South Bank University (LSBU) campus. Twenty CWISL authors and illustrators engage more than one hundred children, twenty teachers, and seventy family members in making stories. Prior to the event, CWISL authors and illustrators visit ten libraries local to the participating schools and host mini-events for students, bring the total of students reached to more than three hundred.


ShoutWest! was developed in partnership with Hillingdon Community Cohesion Partnership, Brunel University, and London Borough of Hillingdon Library Services and funded by Hillingdon Community Trust. The festival aims to open the world of creative writing, books and libraries for children from across the southern six wards of Hillingdon from a wide variety of background and ability. CWISL writers and illustrators lead a variety of educational, interactive and entertaining sessions to help ninety students from six schools tell their unique stories. In the weeks leading up to ShoutWest!, CWISL authors and illustrators visit seven libraries local to the participating schools and host mini-events, which expands the outreach to three hundred students.

What teachers have said about the Shout! festival experience:

“The students loved the opportunity to meet the authors and illustrators and this was certainly inspiring for them. They all came away with a desire to write more and many have kept writing in their notebooks and shown it to me with great pride.”

“Children loved the festival and parents have since asked if there are other writing workshops or clubs that their children could attend.”

“Content was excellent. Workshops were well structured and engaging and of course, having a workshop delivered by authors who write for a living gave the whole process authenticity.”

“A number of boys are now really keen on writing. Several of our boys are now writing books with chapters! Thank you so very much for this unique experience.”

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