Bridget Marzo

Bridget is an award-winning illustrator and author of over two dozen picture books published in many countries.  Her  latest picture book,  YOU, ME and OUR WHOLE WIDE WORLD (Walker Books UK 2022) explores what we have in common and how we all grow.

She enjoys working on very different books, from the quirky animal characters like TIZ & OTT’S BIG DRAW, to the Stone Age family in MO’S BEST FRIEND, due out in 2024 and loves inspiring children to connect the characters they draw to create stories.  She also gives family and adult painting workshops sharing colour mixing techniques which she learnt at art school.

She believes in the power of pens, pencils, and paints – and picture books – to open our minds and share all that we have in common.
Twitter: @bridgetmarzo
Instagram: @bridgimage_art