Make Your Own Pop-Up Monster by Loretta Schauer 

Creating Burple and his disgusting packed lunch for A Monster’s Moved In was so much fun that Loretta Schauer is going to show how you can make your own pop up monster to hide in a den…or anywhere in your house. 

How about hiding a monster in your sister’s sock drawer, under the bed, or in your lunch box? 

Anywhere you’d least expect a monster to move in! 

Your monster could be furry or fuzzy, stripy or spotty, scratchy or scaly, grumpy or happy. 

Your monster could have three eyes, six legs and a curly tail. 

You could use crayons, paints or collage to colour him in. 

You could think of a suitably monstrous name to write on their t-shirt. 

What would your monster eat for their disgusting packed lunch? I think this one would eat mouldy peas squished in soggy socks with a toenail and caterpillar pie. 

Here is the Pop Up Monster template and the instructions. View it, print it, make it. Have fun!