Cover for 'Through Water and Fire' by Matthew Wainwright

Matthew Wainwright

Matthew Wainwright is an author of young adult historical fiction. His debut novel, OUT OF THE SMOKE, which is set in the criminal underworld of Victorian London, has been well-received in primary and secondary schools across the country. His second novel, THROUGH WATER AND FIRE, explores the faith and friendship against the backdrop of the English Reformation in the Tudor era.

Matthew works closely with local schools and libraries in Greenwich and Lewisham, holding creative writing workshops and promoting literacy in the classroom. He is an active member of the Time Tunnellers, a group of children’s authors who specialise in historical fiction and are dedicated to bringing history to life in classrooms through videos and writing challenges.

He is also fluent in British Sign Language, and has a passion for encouraging a love of literature in deaf young people.

Twitter: @mattwauthor
Instagram: @mattwauthor