Cover for 'The King's Pants' by Nicholas Allan

Nicholas Allan

Nicholas published his first book, The Hefty Fairy in 1989.  Since then he has been a full-time writer and illustrator. Many of his books are bestsellers, including The Queen’s KnickersFather Christmas Needs a WeeJesus’ Christmas PartyCinderella’s BumHeaven, and Where Willy Went.

His books have won awards and been translated into twenty languages. The King’s Pants has been shortlisted for the British Book Award for Illustrated Children’s Book. He is also the author of Hilltop Hospital, a book that has been adapted into a BAFTA-winning television series for CITV. The series has been shown in over forty countries. His books have been adapted into West End musicals, including The Queen’s Knickers, The Giant’s Loo Roll, and Father Christmas Needs A Wee, the latter touring annually.

Nicholas has been the Chairman of the Society of Authors’ Children’s Group and is currently the Patron of the Isle of Wight Children’s Literary Festival. He has made many appearances on television and radio (see below). He is also the author of The Complete Guide To Gatecrashing and one novel The First Time.